Vision T5c'


Vision T5c

The Vision T5c offers a quick upgrade to the latest control technology with hardware mounting compatibility and built-in electrical interface.

The Vision T5c control is designed for simplicity and ease of operation.

From an ergonomic wide-screen layout and touch-screen interface, to the station control toggle switches and dual USB ports, important information is always visible, and operating steps are clear and intuitive to guide the operator every step of the way.

The built-in EasyShape™ part program generator simplifies programming of even complex shapes, and automatically applies Precision Hole Technology™ when cutting with ESAB’s m3 Plasma®.

An integrated Process Database contains optimized cutting parameters based on material thickness, material type and cut quality desired, reducing setup requirements and increasing productivity.

With the Vision T5c, all cutting and marking process tools are controlled directly on the touch screen. External boxes are eliminated, and all processes are fully automated, eliminating the need for manual settings and dramatically improving productivity.


  • Innovative Operating Wizard cuts training time in half
  • Built-in Process Database provides quick and easy setup
  • Program parking and power fail recovery
  • Controls multiple axes for variable beveling and rotating tools
  • Real-time graphics monitor the cutting process
  • Plate alignment feature
  • Offers precise geometric kerf with kerf override
  • Easy scaling, mirroring and rotating of part programs
  • Graphical program editor
  • Shape Library with pre-programmed, adjustable shapes
  • CAD-Import filter reads DWG and DXF files right at the CNC
  • Built-in Precision Hole Technology
  • DataLeap Light feature for automatic machine usage data capture
  • Optional automatic nesting


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