Renegade™ ET 300iP - Now Available

The next generation of shop and field machine for DC welding has arrived.

Renegade ET 300iP DC TIG/Stick inverter features controls for pulsed TIG welding and high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc start options. The machine is capable of handling single and three-phase power from 208V to 460V with a top output of 300 amps at 40% duty cycle.  

Renegade provides adjustable gas pre- and post-flow, adjustable upslope/downslope, 2 and 4 stroke trigger functionality and has an intuitive digital readout display that makes it easy to set and read parameters from a distance and in any light.

The ET 300iP can also convert from a water-cooled system to an air-cooled portable system in minutes, without additional tools.

View all of the specs and buy local/online ­here.

Renegade 300iP machines