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WeldScanner Validator

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The WeldScanner Validator can validate all brands of welding equipment in accordance with the European Standard EN 50504 -Validation of Arc Welding Equipment. It also offers the same full level of functionality as the WeldScanner.

The device ensures precise measurement for welding voltage, welding current, wire feed speed and optional the gas flow rate and travel speed.

The WeldScanner Validator is delivered as a calibrated system and should be calibrated on an annual basis, e.g. in our laboratory, to ensure compliance with the standards also providing traceability to national standards.



  • Touch screen or keyboard operated
  • HF proof, can safely test TIG equipment
  • Used for welding process variables such as current, voltage, gas flow rate, wire feed speed, etc.
  • Measuring reports for validation available as pdf
  • Memory of customer and installed base information
  • Easy to operate and simple to connect
  • Available for arc welding
  • Correct measurement of all types of square wave arcs
  • Can work with all load resistors, but has been pre-programmed with settings for RC500 and Checkmaster
Various Applications
  • Validation for all types and brands of arc welding equipment
  • Automatic creation of Validation certificates
  • Complies with EN 50504 –Validation of Arc Welding Equipment
  • Capable of measuring all welding arc types, True RMS measuring and Rectified Average Mean Value for square waves
  • High Frequency proof
  • Measuring all values, amperage, voltage, wire feed speed, travel speed (travel speed and gas flow optional)
  • Measuring on Standard Grade and Precision Grade

Welding Process

  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • SAW - Submerged Arc Welding

Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : WeldScanner Validator
WeldScanner Validator BASIC HKS0002391 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
WeldScanner Validator FULL HKS0002393 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
WeldScanner Validator SAW HKS0002392 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Accessories : WeldScanner Validator
Calibration WeldScanner Validator 0,5% HKS0002323 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Calibration WeldScanner Validator FULL 0,5% HKS0002325 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Calibration WeldScanner Validator SAW 0,5%* HKS0002324 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Gas Flow Sensor 30 l/min HKS0001425 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Load Resistorfor Arc welding switchable ranges (RC500) HKS0001536 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Welding Travel Speed Sensor HKS0001429 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR

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