OK Autrod 430Ti


OK Autrod 430Ti

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A ferritic, stainless, solid wire with a content of 18% Cr and stabilised with 0.5% Ti for welding similar and matching steels. The alloy is also used for cladding on unalloyed and low-alloyed steels. OK Autrod 430Ti is also widely used in the automotive industry for the welding of manifolds, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes.


Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Wire Composition
C Cr Cu Mn Mo Ni Si Ti
0.07 % 17.6 % 0.10 % 0.5 % 0.05 % 0.3 % 0.9 % 0.400 %


Society CE
Grade EN 13479
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.


Grade G Z 17 Ti
Name EN ISO 14343-A
Grade 1.4502
Name Werkstoffnummer

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type 18 % Cr - 0.5 % Ti

Typical Tensile Properties

Stress relieved Stress relieved
Tensile Strength (met) 580 MPa(84 ksi) 600 MPa(87 ksi)
Yield Strength (met) 380 MPa(55 ksi) 390 MPa(56.5 ksi)
Elongation 28 % 24 %
Testing Time 0.5 hr 0.5 hr
Testing Temperature (met) 780 degC(1436 degF) 780 degC(1436 degF)

Deposition Data

Current Deposition Rate Diameter Voltage Wire Feed Speed
80-190 A 1.1-3.1 kg/h(2.4-6.8 lb/h) 1.0 mm(.040 in.) 16-24 V 2.9-8.4 m/min(114-331 in./min)
0.9 mm(.035 in.)
180-280 A 2.6-4.5 kg/h(5.7-9.9 lb/h) 1.2 mm(.045 in.) 20-28 V 4.9-8.5 m/min(193-335 in./min)
230-350 A 3-5.2 kg/h(6.6-11.5 lb/h) 1.6 mm(1/16 in.) 24-28 V 3,2-5,5 m/min(126-216.5 in./min)

Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : OK Autrod 430Ti
OK Autrod 430Ti 0.9mm 15kg 1681099820 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 0.9mm 250kg 1681099320 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 1.0mm 15kg 1681109820 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 1.0mm 250kg 168110932U FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 1.0mm 250kg 1681109320 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 1.2mm 15kg 1681129820 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 430Ti 1.6mm 15kg 1681169820 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR